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We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, importers and exporters of electrical equipment & accessories. Apart from this, we also provide a installation service to our clients.

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ISG GLOBAL an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is the largest manufacturer, importer, exporter, distributor & supplier of Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing Gel Earthing Grounding system consisting of GI Earthing Electrode, Chemical Earthing Electrode, Earth Enhancing Compound, Backfill Compound, low resistivity high carbon earth enhancing compound customized Earthing, Chemical Earthing, Gel Earthing, Copper Earthing, Maintenance Free Earthing, Hi grade polypropylene poly plastic HDPE Earth Inspection pit cover chamber, Copper bonded rod, clamps, couplers, earth charging liquid, solar earth kit, super earth kit, telecom earth kit ; ESE Direct external Early Streamer emission lightning protection system, ESE lightning Air terminal, lightning arrester, lightning warning system, allywell ese lightning air terminal protection system, high voltage shielded cable (HVSC), lightning strike event counter recorder, FRP pit cover, FRP Mast; Surge protection Device, surge arrester, Lightning surge arrester Class B Type I surge Protection SPD, switching surge arrester Class C Type II surge Protection SPD, Lightning cum switching surge arrester Class B+C Type III surge Protection SPD, Data and telecom surge protection device, class D surge arrester protection device, solar surge protection device 600 V, 800V 1000 V, surge protection device as per EN 61643-11, IEC 61643-1, E DIN VDE 0675-6, RDSO/SPN/165/2004, RDSO/SPN/165/2005lightning for various sectors and industries such as Solar, Windmill, Telecom, defence, mines, power, railways, utility sector, electricity board, Renewable Energy, networking, vsat, RDSO, Railway, MES, Hi tech manufacturing, Metals &Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Cement Industry, Chemical Industry, Mining, Communications, Aviation, Solar Industries, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Power House, Telecommunication, Hospitals, Schools, College, Telecommunications & Broadcasting, Petrochemical, oil & gas, Highrise buildings and hotels – all types of structures, Sporting centre and grounds – Golf courses, race tracks, stadiums, Aviation - Civil & Military, Mining – coal, gold, nickel, iron, copper, bauxite etc., Industrial facilities of all kinds, Defence – communications, surveillance and storage of armaments, Power generation and distribution, Rail / transport systems, Monuments / Ecological sites for The Safeguarding And Providing Safety By Grounding System , Lightning Protection System, Surge Protection Devices.

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